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Our Mission

We created OutBreak Kaua'i to help inspire and show people how much Kaua'i has to offer through running and by staying healthy. Outbreak is designed to help motivate, educate, and inspire people on the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle. Kaua'i offers a wide variety of places to run and get exercise. Outbreak was created to show people that Kaua'i is the perfect place to explore exotic and beautiful locations while working at personal goals, health, and fitness. 

Learn about the People Behind Outbreak:

Lily Mindel and Pierce Murphy


Hi, my name is Lily Mindel!

I moved to the beautiful island Kaua'i at a young age and was introduced to a new healthy way of living and the many outdoor activities possible. I started running to get in shape, and I remember it being really hard. As time went on I really fell in love with it, it became a way for me to think about my day, possibilities, and accomplishments! I look back on from when I started till now and think of how it has shaped my life for the better! I hope Outbreak Kaua'i gives you all that inspiration to go out and experience what this beautiful island has to offer!

Enjoy the website! 

Photo Credit: Aric Van Halen

Hello! My name is Pierce Murphy.  

When I was two years old my parents decided to move to Kaua'i! Having the opportunity to grow up on the beautiful island was something I took for granted. I did not realize how amazing this island really was until I reached an older age. Growing up on Kaua'i led me to live a healthy and active lifestyle from an extremely young age. In my younger years I played a lot of soccer and surfed as much as I could. Once I became older (beginning of high school), I stopped playing soccer to focus on my new found passion for running. I would have never known that I was a good runner if it wasn't for soccer. I played mid-field which required a lot of running and soon realized that if I focused just on running it could possibly take me places! Throughout high school, I quickly became the best high school runner on Kaua'i and eventually became one of the best in Hawai'i. Once high school was over I decided to attend University of Colorado at Boulder to run on their division one cross county and track team. I graduated from CU in 2016 and I am now running for Skechers Performance. 

Mahalo, and enjoy what Outbreak Kauai has to offer!

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.
— Buddha