Shoes will make a difference!


Many people who run might experience some kind of injury, wether it is sore muscles or something more serious. Injuries happens to professional, and recreational runners. It can happen to people who run everyday, every other day, or once a week. The reason for a lot of these injuries might come down to the type of shoe the runner is wearing. Everyone has a different foot type and a different running form.

Foot Strike:

When someone goes running they either heal strike, full-foot strike, or mid-foot strike.

  • When a runner heal strikes it means their heal makes contact with the ground first then your foot rolls to the toes.
  • A full-foot strike is when the heal and toes come in contact with the ground at the same time.
  • A mid-foot strike is when the ball of your foot hits the ground first then the rest of your foot follows after.  

Having the right shoe for the type of runner you are may prevent injury and will make you feel better during your runs. 


How high your arch is will also determine the correct type of shoe to buy. People either haver a normal arch, high arch, or flatfooted (little or no arch). An easy way to see what type of arch you have is to stand sideways by a mirror and look at the inside of your foot and see if your arch has a significant arch or if it is completely flat. You should be able to see if you are flat footed, high arched, or normal arched. Also, you can walk on slightly wet sand and see what your foot print looks like to help you determine.


Picking a shoe that fits your foot can be easy, but picking the right shoe for your foot can be difficult. From what we have told you above you may have an idea of how your foot strikes the ground and how the bottom of your foot is arched. Here is a great site that will make it easy to pick the correct shoe for you personally.