Running Routes on Kaua'i

Kaua'i is filled with an abundance of places to run that many people don't know about! It can often be difficult to find running routes on such a tiny island. Whether you are a local and need new places to run, or you are visiting the island and are unfamiliar with running routes, this will be a helpful guide. Here are some of our favorite running routes located on all sides of the beautiful island of Kaua'i.

Which Side of the Island Do You Want to Run?


Tips for Running the Beach!

Beaches on Kaua'i range from 20 feet long to 13 miles long. The beach is a great place to run, especially barefoot. Here are some benefits of running these beach runs barefoot.

  • Running barefoot on the beach will help strengthen your feet and make you stronger as a runner. 
  • When you run barefoot you naturally will have a less stressful strike when your foot hits the ground.
  • People who regularly run barefoot on the beach and have been for a long time have stronger feet and do not have as much or any joint pain. 
  • In todays society many people wear shoes everyday all day and this has made their feet weak. Running every run in shoes can cause joint pain in your ankles or knees, that is why having some barefoot beach runs, we suggest at least once a week, can prevent these injuries.