Know what is in your food!

We love to cook and experiment with new types of foods and recipes! We are always open to new ideas to bring to the kitchen. We wanted to share with all of you some of our favorite cook books and food blogs that we use to help spice up our recipes! Also if you scroll down you will see our number one go to person for everything health, we suggest you look over her information! Enjoy                             

Cook books and food blogs

1. The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon

This cook book is the best! It has such easy and amazing recipes to follow that are great for the whole family. Angela also has an instagram where she posts amazing recipes as well, go check her out!

Feel free to check out her website where she posts recipes and blogs about health! 


2. The superfood cookbook by Dana Jacobi

This cook book is absolutely amazing. It introduces you to the right foods that have certain advantages for your bodies and gives you a description on how the foods do it! Dana then incorporates all of those amazing foods into recipes! She has recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 

3. POWER The Ultimate Energy bar Cookbook HUNGRY  by Camilla V. Saulsbury

So this is one of the most knowledgable cookbooks that we have! It is not about recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but rather protein bars that you can make yourselves! Instead of spending a lot of money per protein bar at the store, you can buy all your own healthy ingredients and make them yourselves to your own liking! These bars are perfect for people who are always on the go, they can go in the fridge and freezer!

4. Two Peas and their Pod  by Maria and Josh

This is a website that we found that has so many delicious and easy recipes to follow especially if you struggle with the amount of time food takes to prep and make. One of the best recipes that WE absolutely love and cook probably once a week is their Quinoa Enchilada Bake! It is so easy and you have left overs that can be put in the freezer! Check them out! 


5. Running on Veggies by Lottie

This website is full of amazing foods by Lottie who loves to come up with amazing new recipes that are enjoyable. Lottie is a runner and an active person so her recipes can fuel athletes or just people who want to stay healthy. We love her saying "count nutrition not calories". She has an Instagram where she posts amazing looking foods! All her information is on her website!




Eating the right foods and getting the right nutrients can be difficult for everyone. We found that by fueling our bodies with the right foods, it has helped us preform better in races and in daily workouts. We are not certified health and fitness experts but they want to bring in these certified experts that are here to give people the proper advice!

Whole Body Beautiful (Your Nutrition, Your Health, Your Lifestyle):

Lisa Fallon Mindel is a certified health and nutrition coach. She has worked with many people from professional athletes to people who want to revamp their lifestyle. She has many delicious recipes that she posts daily on her social media accounts as well as on her website. You can subscribe to her news letter that comes out regularly for tips and recipes for you to enjoy.

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